Don’t miss these luxurious flat amenities while buying a 2 BHK flat in Kandivali.

Luxury flats are more than just four walls, a roof, and a ceiling.  People are no more satisfied with the car parking area, lift, and gardens, but they want value for money with facilities and amenities that are of world-class standards. If you are planning to buy a 2 BHK flat in Kandivali, you just can’t miss on many of the breathtaking amenities provided by upcoming residential projects and new constructions in Kandivali West. Make sure your builder is also providing these lavish amenities to you as well:-

People are health conscious more than ever. The rising pollution in different parts of Mumbai is a cause of concern with increasing number of industries, vehicles, and many other factors. Therefore your living space must be free from unwanted dirt and dust.  You must look for these high-end health facilities and the environmental aspects of the residential projects which will make your living joyful and healthy. After all, health is wealth always.
·        Wellness centres- Life is busy and stressful with long work hours, traveling and demanding outdoor activities. A wellness centre with yoga classes or stress therapy is a boon.
·        Green spaces- Get some respite from dirt and pollution and feel some fresh air. This is  achieved through Greenspaces.

·       Jogging Tracks- Well, green spaces are not enough, few minutes of jogging in the morning will make you more healthy
·       Gym - A gym is a must for the modern man today.  There is no glory in living without a gym in your residential area.

Amusement and leisure are so much essential in the demanding lives that you live. What better place to enjoy and relax than near your home.  The play area like tennis court, cricket ground or the high tech gaming zones for children is amazing for the community. It also gives the opportunity to mingle with people and make friends which are an important part of social living.
·      Play Area - Keep the body, mind, and soul healthy with the play area for Cricket and other  sports


·       Gaming Zones – It is a delight for children. Rather than keeping them within the confines  of home, the gaming zones give the chance to grow their relationship skills with such    places.
·       Swimming pools- Though the swimming pools are an integral part of every luxury  amenities, look for it always and the rules regarding the same as well.
·       Clubhouses-   Clubhouses are again places where you can relax enjoy and have some fun.

Flat Amenities
The convenient living is enhanced with the luxurious flat amenities. You should aim for the below-mentioned amenities for comfortable and satisfactory living.
·       Multiple Parking – Space crunch is a big problem in Mumbai. With the rapidly increasing number of  vehicles per family, multiple parking facilities are must-have for any residential projects

·       Wi-Fi - Who can live without internet? Being online is of utmost importance and thus, choosing flats with Wi-Fi service would be wise.
·      Security – There are has to be proper security for the apartments. You can always check whether there are enough security personals and if the surveillance cameras are also in use or not.
·       Smart homes- Smart investment requires smartly designed homes. Look for the special features like efficient spaces, light arrangements, modern kitchens etc. Various automation features like centralized switch controls, Smartphone enabled services are also popular. The flats with high-end technology are good for security as well.

Social and Business centres
There are other additional provisions that you can look for in luxury residential apartments and flats. They are:-
·      Spa and salon – Having such facilities within your living premises is helpful
·       Restaurants – Delicious food near you is a necessary social utility
     Party Lawn – The party lawns at a short distance enables you to conduct various events  and family functions which can save your valuable time and money
·       Business center – The business centres provide the space for business meetings and      community gathering for various purposes.

Whether you wish to buy luxury flats for sale in Kandivali East, Mumbai or Kandivali West, always make sure you are getting all the above-mentioned world-class amenities promised by builders.  The demand for quality of living standards has seen a drastic change from the buyer’s point of view and the builders have also started to incorporate all these flat amenities into their residential projects. Find extraordinary flats at Magic Abode. Visit


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